Working with a ReDesigner

Working with a ReDesigner

Hi Everyone,

It is finally Spring and it may be time to tackle that todo list you have been making all Winter.

First let’s see what is on the list.

painting, buying new furniture, redoing the bathroom, updating the kitchen counters and finally new bedding and curtains in the master bedroom.

First things first, if you have a list like this, know there is help to get it accomplished.   You do not have to be overwhelmed, therefore putting the list aside and not getting anything done.

ReDesigner’s offer all of the above services and more.  Should you decide that painting is the priority on the list,  a ReDesigner will work with you to choose the perfect color palette to fit your personality.

Should you decide that you also want to shop for new furniture, again this can be done.

  • They will sit with you and help you define your style.
  • next it is important to also define your dislikes as far as color, design, pattern and texture. They would not like to show you something you really dislike, that would destroy the design plan.
  • it is now important to define your vision for the room.
  • once this it is accomplished the ReDesigner will work up a design plan for your approval.

What if the only thing you see as a priority on your list is getting your bedroom bedding and curtains, but nothing seems to be speaking to you when you go shopping.

This is a wonderful opportunity to call a ReDesigner.   Being part of the design trade they have vendors that are unavailable to you, often with discounts offered only to designers.  This will allow you to build a relationship with the ReDesigner and if happy with their work,  you now have someone to help you tackle that todo list taking all the stress out of the projects.

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