Why Successful Realtors Are Using Home Staging.

In today’s very challenging Real Estate Market realtors have found that they need to do everything possible to have their listings outshine other properties.   This is why one of the tools being used today is Home Staging.    These realtors have found that their listings show very well both on the web and when a potential buyer does an actual viewing, these buyers seem to get very emotionally attached to the property.
They have found that these listings, that have been professionally staged receive signed contracts very quickly and bring very strong offers to the table.

This allows a Realtor to sell more properties, and make their client’s happy.   Given the Real Estate business is referral based, Happy Client’s talk to friends, family and co workers giving the Realtor more business.   Staging is a win win situation for everyone involved, the buyer, seller and the Realtor!

Successful Realtors Know That Staging Works, But They Face 4 Challenges With Their Client’s

  • Challenge #1 – Convincing the home owner
  • Challenge # 2 – Easily incorporating the staging service into their business
  • Challenge # 3 – Finding a Home Stager that they trust with their listings
  • Challenge # 4 – Cost

Let’s Discuss The Challenges One By One

#1 – Convincing the home owner, this is something that a realtor is truly not equipped to do, if they do not have the proper tools.   An HSR certified Home Stager can provide the correct tools for a realtor to now educate a homeowner.   Through informational handouts, visuals such as before and after photos and websites, a realtor can now offer Home Staging as part of their listing package because the home owner now understands that Home Staging is an investment, and will bring the best offer to the table.

# 2 – Offering Home Staging services as part of a realtorsbusiness, this can be done by seeking out a home stager and making an appointment with them.  Most professional stagers as part of their marketing plan will take the time to contact you, sit with them and see if you are a good fit. They have lots of materials for you to offer your client’s that will help you educate them to the benefits of Home Staging, selling your listing 89% quicker and for more money.

# 3 – Again most professional Home Stagers will seek you out as part of their marketing plans.  If you get an email or a packet in the mail call them, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  Staging gives you more control, if you have a client who wants to list the property at a certain price, because they think it is worth more than you suggested, use Home Staging as an option to offer, to possibly bring higher offers to the table.   Staging will greatly improve your Outside Marketing Campaign, the quality of your photos will greatly improve showing traffic.  With 90% of buyers using the web to search for houses, how your listings show is critical. Home Staging gives you Status. Who is another realtor going to bring their clients to, a property that shows impeccably or another listing that shows very poorly?

# 4 – Cost, the cost of Home Staging is always less than the first price reduction!  On average good staging usually costs between 1 to 5% of an asking price.

Successful New York City Real Estate Mogul Talks About Home Staging

No More Reator’s Being the Bad Guy?

Professional Stagers are trained to be the “bad guys” However in a very kind and professional way.   It is not uncommon to have a seller that is having difficulty letting go of their ” Home,” having a Stager take the time with the seller to define those reasons goes along way. Usually when this is done, a seller can now move on to knowing this is no longer their ” Home, ” it is an investment in their future.