Listing Photos


  • Listing photos need to show a property in it’s best light. This can be accomplished by using a professional photographer.  Because most potential buyers will search for their home on the web, it is important that a listing shines, otherwise a buyer will pass over the listing and not choose to view it.

When you invest in professional photos, you ensure that potential buyers will be seeing the highest quality photos possible.  This allows them to invision themselves living in the space before they ever set foot on the property.  These are the listings that that receive the most foot traffic.  In many cases these buyers are already emotionally attached to the property that has been placed at the top of their list.  Once they see the property it usually will prompt them to make a offer.

When selling your house you have two choices :

  • To allow an agent to take listing photos with their phone.
  • Or call a professional photographer and make your listing shine.  


It is important to remember we live in a very visual world.  Listings sell houses, if yours shines it will sell faster and bring a very strong offer to the table. When it does not shine a buyer will look at your competitors listing.


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