Lasting First Impressions

Lasting First Impressions

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is how a potential buyer sees the front of your property, when they are seeing it for the very first time, better known as their first impression.  Whether it is driving by your house, pulling into your driveway or looking at your listing online, you will never get another chance to make a good first impression.  This is why it is so important to think about how your property shows from the street, right to the front door.  

These are some things to think about before putting your house on the market :

  • Is your lawn cut and flower beds neat and clean?
  • Do your bushes need to be trimmed?
  • Are your windows clean and is your front door clean or does it need to be washed?
  • Are your stairs clean or do they need to be painted?
  • Does the house need to be power washed or even painted?
  • Is there any junk hanging around?
  • Are there any broken windows or ripped screens?
  • Is your front door the right color?

Considering the first pictures shown on an line listing will always be the ouside of your house, you need to make those pictures count.  As well as doing the needed maintainence, it is important for your property to say, “welcome”

Here are some ideas to acheive this :

  • Plant flowers in your flower beds.
  • Plant a pot of flowers.
  • Put a new welcome mat at the front door.
  • Hang a wreath on the door.
  • If you have a front porch make sure there is pretty furniture on it.
  •  Now set a scene, a pitcher of lemonade with glasses, this way an emotional attachment has been formed right at the front door.

It it is very important to remember that a property is packaged from the outside in.  When a potential buyer drives by a property and it is unkept, they will drive by and remove the property from their list.  However if they drive by and they like what they see, they will make an appointment for a showing almost immediately.  Due to 98% of potential buyer’s looking for their homes online, is important to satisfy what they are looking for from the very first image that appears on the screen.  When that happens a potential buyer will make a appointment to see the property with a great deal of hope that they have found their dream home.  For help with your curb appeal needs call Nancy The Stager today @203.525.5398  or visit








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