Landscaping For Appeal

Landscaping For Appeal

How many times have you seen a pretty house and asked yourself what is wrong with this house?





 Here are some reasons why it might happen:

  • The house either needs to be painted or it is painted the wrong color.
  • There is a lot of clutter around the house.
  • Or the landscaping does nothing to highlight the house.

We are going to discuss the landscaping.

Landscaping should be designed to really make a house pop.  It should really excentuate the color of the house, rather than clash with the house.  If you are doing the landscaping yourself really do some homework.  Think about placement of plants, you should always plant in 3’s or 5’s depending on the space.  Remember to mix colors and textures as well as heights.  The rule to remember is this, short in front, medium next and tallest in the back.  Also if you are planting around the house it is important to plant some trees as well, to give the landscaping some structure and interest.

  Here are some ways to protect your investment:

  • Make sure you keep your gardens weeded, water your plants not your weeds.
  • Keep everything trimmed and neat.  You don’t want your guests coming to the front door walking through a jungle do you?
  • Make sure to keep your plants watered, this means on very hot days you may need to water more than once.

When all the recommendations have been followed, your eyes will no longer hurt, you will find yourself  saying “what a pretty house” and if you are a potential buyer you might even say, ” this could be home.”

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