Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I have to spend money to sell my house?

Answer: It is simple, you are investing in your bottom line. Because your home is your biggest investment, when selling, it is important to have it create an experience for a buyer. This is accomplished by integrating decorating and marketing to set the stage for a buyer to form an emotional attachment to the property.

Question: Why do I have to do repairs and upgrades when selling my house? Aren’t buyers going to change things based on their taste?

Answer: A buyer today is looking for a move in ready home. Many buyers do not have extra cash to invest in upgrades. Buyers today are also looking for a more neutral environment. When a seller achieves this need, a buyer can see themselves living in the space, prompting a offer to be written.

Question: Why do I have to put furniture and accessories in my newly renovated property? Won’t the upgrades sell the property?

Answer: This is simple. You want the property to show at it’s best. Staging basically will put the icing on the cake. It will allow the rooms to appear larger, allowing buyers to see their furniture in the space. Because staging creates a lifestyle, the buyer can see how to use the space. Do you know that only 10% of the public can put their furniture in an empty space? Due to staging being part of a marketing plan, more foot traffic can be expected because most home searches today are done on the web, if they show well, you will stand out from your competition. These are the properties that realtors will show, because they always show properties that show well.
Lastly, if something for whatever reason has been missed in the renovation, it will stick out like a sore thumb, allowing a buyer to see a concession they can make, when making an offer.

Question: Can I get my house on the market first and if it doesn’t sell then we can stage it.

Answer: Because it has been proven that a new listing gets the most exposure in the first 2 weeks of being listed, it is very important to present that listing the best that it can be. To make it really shine as they say. It is very important to remember that you only have one chance to make a first impression. If a property is listed first and it does not have a positive energy it will receive very little foot traffic and after 2 weeks your agent will be looking to lower your price.

Question: Is Staging expensive?

Answer: It is important to remember this, anything spent on professional staging has the potential to net you thousands of dollars. Statistics show that staged houses sell on average 89% quicker and could net you between 3-7% more than a non staged home.
Pricing is based on the amount of labor that is needed, as well as how much of the owner’s belongings can be used, or is it necessary to rent furniture and accessories to achieve that over the top listing.

Question: How long does staging take?

Answer: A consultation can take approximately 2 hours. Actual Staging can take 4 hours, 8 hours, days and
sometimes weeks depending on how much work needs to be done, based on the condition of the property.