Return Of Staging Investment

Here are some of the reasons why staging should be part of a marketing plan when selling a property.

1. Properties show better in person and online.
2. Properties that show better recieve better foot traffic.
3. Realtors are more likely to show properties that show well.
4. Properties that show well receive quicker and stronger offers.
5. Properties that show well do not usually experience price reductions,
6. Properties that show well evoke enough interest to sometimes create bidding wars.

Staging Plus Professional Photography Equals Sale !

                                                     I will say no more, this client staged their home, and had it professionallty photographed.  They listed it on August 23nd and recieved two offers on August 27th.  This… Continue Reading

Lasting First Impressions

Lasting First Impressions

What is Curb Appeal? Curb appeal is how a potential buyer sees the front of your property, when they are seeing it for the very first time, better known as their first impression.  Whether it is driving by your house, pulling into your driveway or looking at your listing online, you will never get another… Continue Reading